How to find us?

By car, train, planne, ship…
How to find us
Very simple. Take the ferry from Split to Starigrad on Hvar.

How to reach Split:

Croatia is linked to Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Slovakia and other European countries with international bus routes on a regular basis. A developed network of domestic routes makes it easy to reach Split, from where the ferry to Starigrad transports them to Hvar. See the Jadrolinija website at or telephone +385 21 338333.

All foot passengers arriving by ferry in Starigrad will be met by someone from Skalinada and driven to the hotel.

Bus information:

  • Domestic routes: 060 313 333
  • International routes: +385 1 6157 938 ili

Croatia is fast building new highways and it is now very easy to reach Split from Rijeka, Karlovac or Zagreb. Visitors arriving from Italy, Slovenia or Hungary can drive on a highway nearly all the way to Split.

After arriving in Split, follow the signs for the “Ferry”. There are several sailings a day between Split and Starigrad on Hvar.

The ferry timetable can be found on the Jadrolinija website or by telephone on +385 21 338333.

After disembarking from the ferry, turn left in the direction of Jelsa (12 km), and then at the crossroads with Jelsa, turn right to Zavala (7 km). From there follow the characteristic narrow and winding island road through olive groves and vineyards, through the picturesque village of Pitve until you reach the unique and wonderful tunnel which connects the north and south sides of the island. As you exit the tunnel, you will be greeted by an unforgettable view and a vertiginous descent into Zavala and Skalinada.

Alternatively, you can take the ferry from Drvenik (80 kms south of Split on the coast) to the town of Sućuraj on Hvar. The ferry timetable can be found on the Jadrolinija website or by telephone on +385 21 338333.

From Sućuraj drive in the direction of Jelsa (53 km), and at the Jelsa crossroads turn left for Zavala (7 km).

There is dedicated parking for all guests’ vehicles in front of the hotel.

Croatia can be reached directly by international trains from Austria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, France, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro and Switzerland and other countries via connections.

Guests arriving in Split by train can take the ferry to Starigrad, which leaves from a mooring directly opposite the train station. For the timetable consult the Jadrolinija website at or telphone +385 21 338333.

All foot passengers arriving by ferry in Starigrad will be met by someone from Skalinada and driven to the hotel.

All information regarding the train timetables can be found on or by telephone:

  • Domestic travel: 060 333 444
  • International travel: +385 1 4573 283

Local routes:

The island is connected to Split by the ferry route to Starigrad and the catamaran route to Jelsa and to Hvar town. The timetables can be found on or telphone: +385 21 338333.

International and coastal routes:

Starigrad is also a stop on the coastal route from Rijeka to Bari, which stops at Zadar, Split, Starigrad, Korčula, Sobra/Mljet and Dubrovnik.

An international ferry route from Korčula to Split and on to Ancona in Italy, also stops at Starigrad.

The timetables can be found on or telphone +385 21 33 83 33.

Catamaran Italy – Hvar:

During the summer season there is a ferry route connecting Pescara in Italy to Starigrad, as well as a fast catamaran route. Information at

Croatia Airlines, the national airline, has connections to Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Dűsseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Tel Aviv, Rome, Sarajevo, Skoplje, Vienna and Zurich. In addition, there are additional routes to Manchester during the summer season. All information can be found at or on: +385 1 4819 633 i 0800 7777.

Other than Croatia Airlines, the following carriers provide service to Croatia:

International airports in Croatia are:

  • Zagreb 01/6265-222
  • Split 021/203-171
  • Dubrovnik 020/773-222
  • Pula 052/550-900
  • Rijeka 051/842-132
  • Zadar 023/313-311
  • Osijek 031/297-438

Airports serving small planes only are:

  • Brač 021/648-615
  • Lošinj 051/231-666


You can also download instructions directly to your mobile phone.

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About us

SKALINADA is a family owned hotel-restaurant, opened in 1990, in the small and quiet village of Zavala on the south side of Hvar island, far from the crowds and noise of mass tourism.


Zavala 162 • Hvar
21465 Jelsa • Hrvatska

tel: +385 21 767 019


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